DooFlix Download For Android TV 2024 (Step-By-Step)

Want to Download and install DooFlix For Android TV? this guide will help you step by step how you can do this on your tv.

Watching movies, shows, and web series on the big screen TV is always more enjoyable than small mobile phones. DooFlix with its unlimited Hindi entertainment catalog is perfectly suited for Android TVs.

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In this comprehensive guide, we will go through two step-by-step methods to download and install DooFlix app on Android TV along with tips for optimal streaming experience.

DooFlix simplifies TV entertainment with this expansive library, streaming features and unlimited offline downloads. Now let’s see how to install it.

Download DooFlix APK For Android TV

So Here is the download link to dooflix apk for android tv. using the below link you can download dooflix apk for your android smart tv.

dooflix apk
NameDooFlix Android TV
Versionv6.8 (new)​
Size​17 MB
Android7.0 and up​
Developerdooflix team
Total Downloads15,00,000+
Last Update​1 Hour Ago

Method 1: Using USB Pen Drive

This method involves transferring the DooFlix APK file from your phone to TV via USB pen drive. Follow these steps:

  1. Download DooFlix APK on Phone
    On your Android smartphone, open the Chrome or default browser.
    Go to the DooFlix website by typing DooFlix.Download in the address bar.
    As the site opens, click on the Download APK button and save the file on phone storage.
  2. Transfer APK File to USB Drive
    Insert a USB pen drive into your phone’s USB port. You can use any spare pen drive.
    Open your phone’s File Manager app and navigate to the location where DooFlix APK is saved.
    Long press on the APK file and select the option to Copy it.
    Now navigate to the connected USB drive in File Manager.
    Here long press and select Paste to copy the APK file into the pen drive.
    You can now remove the USB drive from your phone.
  3. Connect USB to Android TV
    Insert the same USB pen drive containing DooFlix APK into your Android TV’s USB port.
    The TV will automatically detect and read files on the connected USB drive.
  4. Install DooFlix APK
    On the TV, open the pre-installed File Manager app and select the USB drive option.
    Navigate to the location where you had pasted the DooFlix APK file earlier.
    Click on the DooFlix APK file icon and select Install.
    The installation process will begin. Accept all the permissions displayed on your TV screen.
    After install is complete, you’ll find DooFlix app icon on the TV’s app drawer.

This USB method provides a quick and hassle-free way to install DooFlix on your Android TV.

Method 2: Using Android TV’s Browser

Alternatively, you can directly download and install DooFlix using the built-in internet browser on your Android TV.

  1. Open Browser on Android TV
    On your Android TV’s home screen, locate and open the pre-installed internet browser app.
    The icon would be named Internet, Chrome or uc browser.
  2. Go to DooFlix Website
    As the browser opens, you will see the address bar at the top.
    Use the remote control to type in the following website URL:
    The DooFlix website will open within the browser.
  3. Download DooFlix APK
    On the opened DooFlix webpage, navigate using remote and click on the Download APK button.
    This will initiate the APK download on your Android TV device storage.
    Depending on internet speed, download may take a few minutes to complete.
    You can also transfer the dooflix apk file from your android smartphone to your smart tv using xender
  4. Install DooFlix APK
    Once download is complete, you will see a notification on TV screen.
    Go back to the app drawer and open File Manager.
    Here navigate to the ‘Downloads’ folder and locate the recently downloaded DooFlix APK.
    Click on the DooFlix APK file icon and select Install.
    Accept all the required app permissions displayed on next screen.
    After successful installation, you will find DooFlix ready to enjoy on your Android TV’s menu.

So the built-in browser method also enables quick downloading and installation of DooFlix on Android TV models.

DooFlix TV App Tips

To get the optimal DooFlix streaming experience on your Android TV, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Internet speed should be minimum 2 Mbps for Standard Definition and 10 Mbps for HD quality.
  • Always connect TV to 5GHz WiFi band for glitch-free streaming or use ethernet cable.
  • Make sure no other devices are consuming bandwidth when streaming DooFlix.
  • Turn OFF Auto-updates and background syncs for other apps during streaming.
  • Clear the app cache and data periodically for better performance.
  • Reboot the Android TV box weekly for faster functioning.
  • Adjust video resolution in DooFlix settings based on your bandwidth.

Following the instructions above, you can install DooFlix app on any Android TV like Xiaomi, OnePlus, TCL, Motorola, Realme etc. With its vast Hindi content library and optimized streaming, DooFlix enhances your Android TV experience.

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